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How AI is transforming mobile advertising


Mobile advertising is evolving rapidly, presenting opportunities and challenges for marketers looking to reach and engage consumers on smartphones and tablets. Navigating this complex and dynamic landscape requires the right strategies, insights, and technologies.


AI is transforming mobile advertising. It analyzes vast consumer data to enable personalization at scale. AI-powered tools can create and test thousands of ad variations to select the highest-performing ones. Predictive analytics fueled by AI provide forward-looking insights to guide campaign planning and real-time optimizations.


At Xtend, AI-powered advertising has helped our clients achieve impressive results. On average, AI has led to a 59% increase in click-through rates, a 68% decrease in cost per click, and an 80% lift in conversion rates. For one client in Indonesia, our AI approach to reactivating dormant buyers led to 36,000 additional daily checkouts and a 4X increase in click-through rates among 100 million monthly active users.


AI is changing the mobile advertising landscape in a number of significant ways. These include:


1. Personalization: AI allows for more personalized advertising experiences, making ads more relevant and engaging for users.


2. Audience targeting: By using AI to analyse data, advertisers can better target their campaigns towards specific consumer segments, maximizing the effectiveness of their ad spend.


3. Predictive analytics: AI can help predict trends and optimize campaign strategies, allowing advertisers to stay ahead of the curve.


4. Impactful creatives: AI can help create ads that resonate with viewers, resulting in a more engaging and memorable experience.

Expect AI to become even more integral to digital advertising by 2024. Immersive ad formats like video, virtual reality, and shoppable ads will increasingly leverage AI. Targeting and measurement will rely more heavily on AI and machine learning models. Brands must harness AI strategically across the marketing lifecycle to stay competitive.

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