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Mobile Advertising Trends in 2023


Mobile devices dominate today's digital landscape, with users spending most of their time on smartphones and tablets. This makes mobile advertising a crucial component of any marketing strategy. As we move into 2024, here are some of the top mobile advertising trends brands should keep on their radar:


Video Ads Continue to Grow

Video ads are projected to make up over 75% of mobile traffic by 2023. Short vertical videos and Stories ads are especially effective at capturing attention on mobile. Brands that incorporate video into their ad campaigns next year will likely see higher engagement and conversions.


Hyper Personalization Takes Off

Thanks to advanced data collection and analytics, marketers can now create highly personalized ad experiences tailored to individual consumers. Expect to see more mobile ads focused on demographic targeting, geo-targeting, behavioral targeting, and more.


The Rise of Visual Search

Visual search allows users to search for information using images rather than text. Shopping apps are starting to integrate this technology so customers can find and buy products that match an image they upload. Visual search will streamline shopping and product research on mobile.


Augmented Reality Transforms Ads

Augmented reality (AR) overlays digital elements onto the real world via a mobile camera. AR lets brands create immersive, interactive ads where products and information are placed right in front of the user. The technology is poised to expand next year.


Direct-to-Consumer Brands Embrace Mobile

More direct-to-consumer brands born online will optimize their sites and apps for mobile shopping. Their ad campaigns will also be mobile-first, focusing on easy checkout/payment and engaging potential customers on smartphones.


Leverage Mobile Expertise 

Xtend brings unmatched expertise in Android app campaigns. By collaborating with their industry-leading experts, brands can integrate innovation into their mobile ad strategy and connect with the right audience.



The future of mobile advertising is both high-tech and personalized. Following the latest trends ensures brands remain competitive and visible across devices. With strategic implementation, mobile ads can become an invaluable customer acquisition and retention tool in 2023.

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